About the site

Our site is designed to consolidate the practical skills of auditory analysis by students of music schools; it is not a textbook on music theory. Theoretical information is provided to familiarize you with theory in a short form.

Some tips for using the website:

  1. If you have a poor understanding of the subject studied, see some brief information on the selected topic in the «Theory»section. There you can listen to how this or that interval or chord sounds by clicking the Play round-play-button-black button;
  2. If you are theoretically well prepared, then after choosing the desired section on the main page of the site go directly to auditory skills training, choosing the «Trainer» mode in the settings. For each topic, you can use any number of examples-subsections (for example, train those areas that you don’t know so well). In this mode, you can listen to the fragments several times. The program will immediately inform you whether the answer is correct or incorrect;
  3. If you successfully answer all the questions in the Trainer mode, then use the Test mode. In this case, as in the exam, fragments are not repeated, and a score is given at the end.

You can choose a section for listening on the home page. When following the links to sections («Intervals», etc.) you can select several items yourself from the suggested list or use the «All» and «Random» buttons (For beginners, the number of subsections should be small. When you gain good results, the number of selected items may be increased. Also when listening to intervals, choose the melodic way).

If you have any questions while working with the trainer, you can use the tips in the upper right corner — «?». To exit the tip mode, click on «?» again.

You can also use other materials in the learning process (see the right column). To use the trainer and other sections, registration is not necessary.

We are waiting for your suggestions on further development of the website. Go to Contacts

Our links:
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The author of the project is Konnova E., the consultant — Alekhina T.

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